Sunday, October 23, 2016

"Don't fall for a girl who gets shot!"

Photo taken from under CC0 licence

"Is there a limit to how much mess you can get into in three hours?" Kiran demanded as he ducked and the shot from the gun missed him by few inches.
And Kiran with his tall six three height, and his intense black eyes and wiry strength was impressive. But right now he was just thinking about exactly how much trouble the girl standing next to him, who was nearly as tall as him, with bouncy wavy hair and the most cutest brown eyes could get into.
"This has nothing to do with me! Even I cannot get into so much trouble," Aarvi said in a strangled voice from beside him as the two of them were hiding from behind the pillar near the basement parking.
"Three hours, lady!" Kiran said fuming as he pulled out his gun and armed it. "No one was taking potshots at me when you and me were in Police Headquarters three hours back. I come all the way to meet you and when you come into the parking basement of your newspaper office, the damned parking lot is blazing with more guns than I have seen in my entire life!"
Aarvi was about to say something but there was a barrage of shots all around them as Kiran put a protective arm pulling her close to him, as he was trying to shield her from any stray bullets. Kiran knew that his move served no purpose. But then these were the few things that he could not explain why he did. He just did it.
There was a silence as Kiran heard some scampering movement around him as the people were moving towards them.
Kiran pointed to Aarvi to the car next to the pillar, nodding, not wanting to waste any time talking. Aarvi looked around scared and scampered towards the car.
Kiran shot blindly at his left.
There were two or three shots fired at the place that Kiran had shot, as Kiran saw that Aarvi was safe at the back of the car.
Kiran was focusing all his energies on hearing, as he armed his gun again. He could feel it. Someone on his right. Kiran fired a shot letting his hearing guide him.
Kiran heard a faint thump and saw the bad guy with dark glasses and Kiran even had time to see a piece of radio hanging down the person's ears as the person lurched and slumped down.
Kiran did not wait to check his ran behind the car where Aarvi was hiding.
And Kiran was glad that he did not waste anymore time behind the pillar, because the place where he was hiding just a second back was ablaze with shots, almost blinding him.
"Don't look at it," Kiran whispered as he bent down as Aarvi was hugging close to him as he could feel her heart hammering. "The splinters from the shots can blind you." Kiran whispered in her ears as she nodded.
"The damned idiots have trackers in their visors!" Kiran said pointing at Aarvi to move to the next car. "These visors can sense our heat signatures. We will be seen the minute we run anywhere without the cars as covers." Kiran said glumly as he stared at the gun in his hand.
He had at best just four more shots and from what Kiran could see there were at least seven people around him.
Kiran sighed realizing that he would have to disarm one of the bad guys. Kiran was looking around at the closest bad guy.
"Why didn't you say that before?" Aarvi demanded looking ferociously annoyed.
Kiran stared at Aarvi's annoyed face and nearly snarled. "We are being shot!" Kiran said trying is best not to yell. "What is there for me to tell you?" He demanded in a strangled whisper.
"You said they have visors with trackers in them which sense our heat signatures!" Aarvi said. "Trackers have computers!" Aarvi said pulling out her laptop from her backpack. "I tried making an energy call twelve minutes back. Because this is the basement, I do not think that I could contact anyone."
"What is the point of telling me all this now?" Kiran snarled again, sneaking a peek from behind the car to see whether he could see any more bad guys.
"Right now, I am not trying to contact anyone outside the parking lot," Aarvi said hunched on the ground typing furiously on the sleek laptop in her hand. "One guy on the right," Aarvi told Kiran staring at computer. "Ten meters." Aarvi said pointing right.
Kiran stared at Aarvi for a whole of two seconds and suddenly grinned as he pointed to the right, at the direction which Aarvi had pointed.
Kiran fired.
Kiran was genuinely shocked when he heard a faint thump.
When the shots from that side stopped, Kiran realized shocked that it was a bullseye.
"Woman! I really, really love you," Kiran said fervently, as he pointed her to move towards the direction he had shot. If Aarvi was navigating him, there was a chance...A huge chance. And he needed the weapon of the person whom he had just shot.
And suddenly Aarvi stopped walking, bending down watching her screen worried. "Right, two people!" Aarvi said.
As she spoke she fell down flat on the ground, her computer getting jarred and Kiran was sure the damned machine was broken.
Kiran skidded to a halt and would have tripped on Aarvi if he was not prepared. But then being with this woman for six months had taught him to always expect the unexpected.
And Kiran was hiding behind a pillar as he realized that the place just above Aarvi was riddled with shots.
Kiran saw the shots and guessing the trajectory of the shots and from where Aarvi had pointed, shot twice angrily. No one shot at his girlfriend...
Kiran did not miss as two people fell.
Obviously Kiran's luck ran out.
Kiran felt his gun being brutally kicked away from his hands and heard Aarvi's scream a second before and even before conscious thought reached him, he turned and punched hard before he could even see who it was.
The bad guy with the dark glasses and the dangling radio did not even have a chance as he crumpled on the ground.
Kiran had not counted on two people being around him and groaned as something hit Kiran hard on the neck. Real hard.
Kiran slumped as he fell down hard, nearly hitting himself on the pillar, blinking back stars.
Someone swore as Kiran felt a sharp kick in his abdomen and nearly lost conscious and that was when he heard the same swearing someone pull him up hard.

Honestly it was hearing that voice which really scared Kiran. Really, really bad.
Kiran squinted as he realized that it really was Aarvi with presumably the gun of the guy whom Kiran had shot and Kiran was now terrified.
He was so sure that Aarvi was going to pull the trigger and pushed himself back, falling straight back as three blind shots hit all around him.
The bad guy who had just used Kiran for punching practice scrammed faster than anything that Kiran could have done.
It was two more shots later that the firing stopped.
"Duck and Run!" Kiran yelled as he tried running towards Aarvi, trying to get his breath back.
Damn, damn damn, Kiran cursed himself. If there was one thing which was really dangerous – it was Aarvi with a gun. There was less than one percent chance she would actually hit what she was aiming at and she would hit everything else around her.
And now not only had Aarvi failed to hit anyone, those damned jackasses who were here knew where they were with all the racket that Aarvi had just made.
Kiran heard shots to his right and after a few seconds he heard nothing more.
Kiran got up and ran as fast as he could towards Aarvi and as he reached her, he brutally pulled the gun away from her. "How many times have I told you not to use these things?" Kiran asked in a strangled whisper.
"What else was I supposed to do?" Aarvi was whimpering and whispering in the same tone.
"RUN!" Kiran nearly yelled, almost forgetting that he had to be quiet. "That is what normal people would have done," Kiran said almost threatening to blow all his brain cells from pure anger.
"Then what would you do? All alone?" Aarvi asked with slight concern as there were shots around them and she was wincing, trying to duck.
Kiran groaned. Now, the woman had to be concerned about him. "I can take care of myself and usually when I shoot people, they stay down!" Kiran snarled whispering.
Suddenly both Aarvi and Kiran realized that there was silence all around them. Complete and total.
"Either that is very good or very bad!" Aarvi said very philosophically when she heard the silence.
"One of these days, I am going to spank you," Kiran fumed angrily at Aarvi.
"You lovebirds behind that pillar?"
Kiran sighed in relief, nearly falling on the pillar. Real glorious relief.
Kiran could barely find enough energy to stand up as Kiran yelled. "What took you so long?" Kiran demanded, leaning heavily on the pillar, almost all the fight draining out of him.
"I believe the words are "Thank you"," Aadit's jovial voice came from other side. "Got a faint emergency signal about twelve minutes back. I ran through three red lights and a series of other traffic police vehicles are following me here. I figured if you have gone to visit Aarvi, cops or not, we would need all the backup we can get."
Kiran peeked from behind the pillar and saw Aadit studying the damage to parking lot and was looking at the place where Aarvi had just shot just about everything other than him and the bad guy.
"With the bad guys all around here, what were you trying to shoot, man? A running cockroach?" Aadit demanded as he was studying the holes on the wall.

"One more word and I will kill you!" Kiran snarled coming out from behind the pillar. "And when you fall for a girl, make sure it is not someone who gets shot!" Kiran said in the same tone angrily walking away from the parking lot.

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