Monday, November 14, 2016

A Day in the Life of a Super Hero

"Please let someone get mugged!" Aadit was praying desperately to the Powers-that-Be, as he was struggling not to fall asleep. And it was becoming impossible to stay awake. Mono was droning on for a unbearably long time (Forty one minutes, to be precise) about capacitors and resistors.
And frankly Aadit was feeling nauseous. He was almost sure that he was going to strangle the next person he met, with a wire with least resistance.
Aadit winced. He was making bad jokes and that too with himself. That never ever ended well.
Probably he should take a leaf from the book of Hiren who was sitting or rather sleeping, in the third bench in the next row. Hiren had abandoned all pretexts of ever understanding anything that Mono was so soulfully explaining, and had put his head down on the desk and had gone to sleep. And the girl sitting next to Hiren was having a strange expression in her face and looked like she could not decide whether to laugh hysterically at Hiren or follow suit and slump on the desk.
Aadit opened his eyes wider, still feeling bleary eyed and realized that Mono was an impossible man. Manohar Mandhar (A rose by another name) at sixty three, had sent an entire class of rowdy teenagers, asleep in two minutes flat. And Aadit just could not understand how a man could talk non stop...Won't the man turn blue or something like that, because the lack of oxygen....?
And Aadit was horrified. Because he just realized that he was praying for that to happen. That was not good thing to want. But Aadit had really reached the limits of his patience. Mono had managed to exhaust all of Aadit's patience within the forty five minutes that Aadit was supposed to pay attention to the man.
And that was when Aadit turned around and was depressed. Depressed was probably a mild word because Aadit just saw Charak scribbling on his book furiously and from the looks of it, it looked like Charak was hanging on to every word that Mono had said, like it was Gospel Truth.
And that woke up Aadit real fast. Because Aadit was consumed by complete horror.
Charak was...
There were so many things wrong with Charak...
Far more than Aadit's power to compute.
And Aadit's depression grew. Because he just could not believe that Charak was his roommate in his hostel. His life seriously sucked.
Even the sounds of heaven were probably not so soothing as the bell ringing, which marked the end of his torture. It was over. No more Physics, until tomorrow. Aadit sighed. Tomorrow. Aadit finally opened his eyes, paying attention. Probably he could call in sick. He was feeling nauseous.
"And for the next class, explain the factors affecting the resistance of wires at constant temperature." Mono finished as he watched all of them.
And Aadit could not believe Mono's audacity. Was Mono really so unimaginably dumb that he had expected all of them to have paid attention to the class when he was teaching? Teachers were seriously beyond his understanding capacity, Aadit decided. Even his superpowers could not help him with that.
"That should be easy," Charak said as Mono walked out of the class.
Aadit groaned hitting his head on the desk.
"What?" Charak asked looking confused.
"You seriously need a girlfriend," Aadit said looking aghast.
"Why?" Charak asked as he was checking his the ink of his pen. "Will she help me write the notes?"
Aadit groaned again, realizing that he was stuck. For his entire college life. Forget girl, no other human was ever going to talk to Charak. Which meant that the only person Charak ever got to bore was his poor, unfortunate roommate. The poor unfortunate roommate who also did not have a social life because he was too busy saving the city from impossible super villains whose sole ambition in life seemed to be to make sure that Aadit never had a social life.
"We got to go to Chemical Engineering, class," Charak said putting his pen back in his pocket.
Aadit blinked, a blind panic building up. "You mean it is not lunch?" he demanded getting more and more horrified, by the minute.
"That was the first period, you idiot!" Charak fumed.
"I am sick!" Aadit said moaning. "I am so sick that I am dying."
"Come on!" Charak snarled.
And that was when Aadit's cell phone started vibrating. Hard.
You stupid bastard! Aadit stared at the cell phone feeling awake and remarkably alive for someone who was dying just a second back. And Aadit just could not believe how lucky he was. Somebody was really in trouble.
Charak watched the cell phone and nodded. "I will take care," Charak said nodding as Aadit smiled. A genuinely happy smile.
"Just try not to get me expelled." Aadit said. "Anything else is ok. And please for the sake of God, be careful while giving proxy attendance for me," Aadit said in a pleading voice.
The last time had been Charak had done an abysmally bad job and Aadit was already just one step away from being suspended.
"I have made some modifications to the suit." Charak was speaking in quiet tones as the two of them were walking out of the class. The other students were already out and could not hear the two boys. "Make sure that you don't break anything."
Aadit sighed as he peered into the next classroom and saw that it was completely empty. He turned his attention to Charak as he entered the empty classroom. "I thought for a second, you would be bothered about me." Aadit said lying.
"Why would I be bothered about you?" Charak demanded annoyed.
"I am going to rush headlong into danger and that is the question my best friend asks me," Aadit said dryly shaking his head. "I seriously need better friends," Aadit muttered as he disappeared from inside the empty classroom.
Disappearing from somewhere and appearing elsewhere was not half as cool as the movies got it.
It took some solid concentration from Aadit. And when Aadit teleported from his classroom as he was visualizing the place where he had to appear, for a brief second immediately after that, Aadit invariably had a buzzing sensation in his ears, which made it impossible for him to concentrate on anything around him.
The reason all this was relevant right now, was that it took a few seconds for Aadit to focus on the present place and by that time it was almost too late.
He was in a deserted road and he could see four hooded people around a woman.
And the woman needed help. Because the hoods were big, huge, mean and stupid. Aadit honestly did not know what else to call four people who were unsuccessfully trying to curtail one very puny, thin and very angry, looking woman.
And that was when Aadit realized that the woman was probably a teacher.
And Aadit nearly bolted from there back to his college.
Teachers were one species that Aadit had promised himself that he was never helping. Because six months into his college, Aadit firmly believed that teachers survived best when they are left to themselves.
But the problem right now was that this woman really looked like she could not survive the men at all.
"People, be nice and let her go," Aadit said, hoping that it was a threatening voice. She is a teacher...Aadit wanted to add. But Aadit was almost sure that that particular sentence was probably not very relevant to the hooded jerks. Which brought in the most important question...Who were they? And why this teacher....?
"Here comes the Shadow." One the Hoods sneered, pushing the woman behind him, as he pulled out a fan blade from his pocket. That Hood came forward, swiping the blade angrily, as Aadit stepped back, his senses almost kicking into overdrive. The other two Hoods moved around him...
Aadit swore because he realized that there were three people around him and when he sensed the fourth one clamping the mouth of the woman and dragging her with him.
"Alright, little boy, what can you do?" the Hood swiped his blade another time.
Little boy? Did this hood just call him a little boy? Aadit fumed as he caught the wrist of the man in an almost vice like grip and twisted hard. Hood 1 fell hard, as Hood 2 telekinetically attacked him and Hood 3 was worse...something shot out his hands. Aadit barely had time to react as he focused right behind Hood 2, as the shot from Hood 3 went and hit the garbage dump behind Aadit.
Great! Now the Corporation would be after him saying he had to clean up the mess, Aadit thought as he rematerialized behind Hood 2.
Aadit's ears were still buzzing as he punched Hood 2 hard from the back, who was looking blankly.
Hood 2 said something completely indistinct like 'KlaBla' or something like that, as the Hood 2 collapsed. There was a time when Aadit would have been curious as to exactly what the man had tried to say. But over time, with the question of survival hanging over him, Aadit had learnt to ignore these unbridled stabs of curiosity.
"How can you fight me boy?" Hood 3 asked snarling angrily, as he was watching Aadit.
Hood 3 had no idea what a dangerous question he had just asked Aadit.
There were frequent times when Aadit was in full form and he would have put Mono to shame when Aadit was talking about one of the countless books which he had read. And if Hood 3 survived that, he would have genuinely felt that it was better to have collapsed before Aadit opened his mouth. Because Aadit really talked, till the eyes of his audience glazed over in compete defeat or absolute surrender.
And talking about defence and attacking techniques were one of Aadit's most favourite things.
Hood 3 could easily be forgiven as he attacked Aadit, who bent and pulled out his staff hanging from his belt. It was just a staff and seriously nothing even remotely dangerous about it. Even as he bent down, Aadit flung the staff straight at Hood 3, bending down. The staff caught Hood 3 straight on the feet, as Hood 3 stumbled falling back.
Hood 3 barely had time to adjust when Aadit's hand's started glowing.
"Who said you are the only one who gets to do that?" Aadit asked Hood 3. A few seconds later, Hood 3 slumped back unconscious as Aadit looked around and saw the fourth hood nowhere to be seen.
Aadit closed his eyes, concentrating and that was when he heard the muffled scream and someone being dragged.
Aadit ran as he saw the Hood 4 who was still dragging the woman with him.
Aadit removed a gadget from his hands and set it for half a minute and concentrated on appearing before the Hood.
Hood 4 shouted hoarsely as Aadit appeared before him and Aadit was really glad he could hear nothing because of the buzzing.
The one thing which Aadit did see was that Hood 4 was clutching his knife at the woman's throat who was looking terrified out of her wits.
"Your friends are not coming," Aadit told Hood 4 seriously, after he felt he could talk and not throw up. Continuous teleporting sometimes did that to him.
"Back away." Hood 4 said wildly looking terrified. "I will kill you." Hood 4 said swiping the air before him very uselessly, with the knife.
"Seriously, man!" Aadit said stifling a sigh. "You got to say it like you mean it."
Both Hood 4 and the woman looked at each other and despite the fact that they were not friends, they both seemed to agree on one thing – the boy wearing the blue hood and the suit, who was standing before them, was probably completely nuts.
"BOOM!" Aadit said as he fell down hard closing his ears
Nothing happened for a whole second and the woman was staring at Aadit like he was really insane. She must have honestly felt like that the Hood was slightly safer of the two males there.
"Said that early....." Aadit did not have time to finish the explanation as a real loud boom went up behind the three of them.
The Sound Bomb – Charak's pride and joy (Charak did say that he was going to patent the name), was so loud that though Aadit was prepared for it, his ears were still ringing, badly.
The Hood and the woman were quiet another thing. The Hood was slumped on the ground not knowing what had hit him. The woman was more or less was looking like the Hood as she was struggling to focus on Aadit.
"Come on lady," Aadit said helping the lady up. "Let's get you home." he told her in a really loud voice. He could not hear his own voice. Neither could the lady.

"And I don't want to be kissed by older women for saving them." Aadit muttered sure that the woman could still not hear him.

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