Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Don't fall for a girl who gets shot!" - Part 3

She said she wants to talk to me alone!” DCP Kiran was sure that if he spoke above his whispering tone, he was going to throw up. And Kiran was aware that his heart was beating so hard that even facing that prick Loran had not scared him this much.
This is a disaster!” Kiran’s friend DCP Aadit was reading the file of Loran Mathur, the cocaine dealer whom they were after and he had just realized that Loran was a really vicious character, which was probably an understatement. Aadit was honestly not even listening to Kiran, who was for the first time in his life mumbling, instead of the usual confident tone that Kiran had. Which was why, Aadit was not even sure, Kiran had spoken. Hence his comment.
There was a painful silence from Kiran’s side. Which was exactly why Aadit stopped looking at the file and saw Kiran. And Aadit was really, really scared.
Is your sister coming to town?” Aadit asked. Nothing else explained why Kiran was looking like the world was going to end right now.
Apparently it was the wrong thing to say, because Kiran’s expression honestly went from horrible to utterly horrible.
Is she?” Kiran asked swallowing painfully and for the first time in many years Aadit thought he saw fear in Kiran’s eyes. There were jails filled with criminals who could swear such a thing was impossible.
She is?” Aadit repeated looking confused.
Both men stared blankly at each other, and both realized that this was definitely not one of the most intellectually stimulating conversations that either had had for a long time.
If you want to throw up, you need to go that way!” Aadit said bravely, after clearing his throat as he was pointing left. First things first. Kiran’s sister coming to town was a disaster and even Loran was not as bad as that. But it could be taken care of later.
Kiran looked sick but there were red patches of anger in Kiran’s dark cheeks which told Aadit that that was the wrong thing to say too.
But these things never deterred Aadit. He bravely tried again, “What are we talking about?”
She wants to see me!” Kiran mumbled after a few seconds.
Aadit blinked. “I heard “sheseeme” Aadit said honestly. “Is that supposed to mean something?”
Kiran snarled and Aadit stepped back hurriedly. Cop or not, Kiran really looked scary when he had that expression in his face.
Aadit blinked again. The only thing he heard from Kiran’s mumbling was “Sesame” – that was a story which had something to do with some long dead guy called Ali baba. Aadit remembered reading all that when he was a kid and he was somehow 99% sure that that was not what the fidgeting Kiran was trying to tell him.
You need to talk in an audible frequency!” Aadit said looking at the gun in Kiran’s belt, a little nervously. Kiran was really known for shooting for much less. Though Aadit was sure that Kiran was not going to pull out his gun right now. But with Kiran’s sister coming to town, Aadit was more than sure that that could drive anyone up the wall. That was the sort of news which could make a man like Kiran mumble...
Kiran still was not talking in the audible frequency, which was why, Aadit hastily detoured to the police canteen.
Two cups of coffee and some more whining later, Aadit finally managed to get one intelligible dialogue from Kiran.
She wants to talk to me all alone!” Kiran said.
That was the first sentence which Kiran did not mumble and it still left Aadit confused.
Who?” Aadit asked.
The past one month had been slightly crazy. His uptight friend whose sole ambition in life was to find the bad guys and put them behind bars, had a very different sort of diversion when a reporter started showing some interest in Kiran. Aadit was more than sure that the girl wanted some story from Kiran. The girl did not get any story but she still stuck with Kiran after a month. That Aadit just could not believe. He genuinely believed that things like that happened only in fairy tales. Hell, this was the real world. With goons, guns and more goons and more guns and in between Aadit and Kiran tried their best not to die. And another equally important thing which Aadit just could not believe that a lot of people tried to kill the girl too…All on her own accord. And that was when Aadit discovered that the girl wrote exceedingly well and about all the wrong persons. Which was why so many bad guys were after her.
Right now, Aadit was 99% sure that that was the girl they were talking about. Because a girl, who could get manage to annoy so many people at the same time definitely could like a guy like Kiran and even stick around him. But then, Aadit still wanted to be sure.
Kiran snarled again which told Aadit he could be right. And Aadit also realized that he was stupid. There was only one girl whom Kiran knew. Kiran’s sister did not count – Kiran’s sister was a walking disaster zone. Something to be stayed away from. Far away from.
Aarvi wants to talk to you?” Aadit asked slowly. And as he said it he realized that the first thing that he had said at the beginning of the conversation was right – This was going to be a disaster. Not that Aadit was going to tell that to Kiran. No better way to get killed.
All alone!” Kiran added and Aadit wondered whether Loran was actually behind them and waving a gun at them. Because that was the only thing which could explain Kiran’s expression.
Smart as always, Aadit asked the right question. “What should I do? Call the lady reporter up and tell her that you are sick and dying? Or something to that effect!”
Aadit was surprised because Kiran looked confused at that suggestion.
Why should you do that?” Kiran asked and he was still whispering.
Aadit blinked. Please, Heavenly merciful God, give me a day with Loran. I will take it, Aadit prayed. He was sure Loran was slightly less problematic then talking with Kiran, right now. “You came to me to ask me about a girl…” Aadit nearly gagged on the word and stopped himself at the last minute. That could not be good. “A girl who has taken fancy to you.” Aadit stopped himself from laughing like a hyena. “That is how I would respond!” Aadit said and stopped talking immediately. Somehow Aadit intuitively felt that if he talked any more, he was going to get himself killed. Without any warning.
Kiran looked in a state of despair, which was so advanced that Aadit thought his friend was probably diagnosed for some terminal disease. Probably Kiran was talking about some terminal disease and Aadit had misunderstood everything....
A minute later, Aadit was clutching his black eye and was feeling sore.
Not from the pain of the punch, just from a headache.
Are you fine, sir?” the owner of the canteen came forward helping up Aadit from the floor, where Kiran had punched Aadit before walking off with a huff outside the canteen.
No, I am not, was the honest answer, though Aadit lied in a normal fashion as he nodded sadly.
And Aadit just realized that Kiran was becoming completely unmanageable. If the ass was going to punch him in the first place, the least the idiot could have done was to do the punching without dragging in Sesames, Alibaba and some girl into it. Then Aadit would have understood immediately that Kiran was just having a bad day and just needed someone to vent his anger on. 

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