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The Story of a Little Fairy in the Leaf Kingdom

 “I hate you daddy!” Marila screamed at her father as she came inside his room.
Her father – Kragon, a wizened Magi said nothing because he was a man of few words. But as he studied his daughter’s green eyes turning nearly red in anger as she was covered in mud with her disheveled hair, the Magi realized that this was not a normal temper tantrum. His daughter was genuinely angry.
Kragon still said nothing as he caught his daughter’s shoulders tightly as he could feel hot sobs rack her entire body.
She pushed him back savagely as she looked at him, “Why did you marry mummy?” She screamed as she tried getting back walking away from the room.
Sh!” Kragon said as he caught his daughter tightly, because she was walking backwards haphazardly and she looked like she was going to hurt herself.
M..My friends at the Fairy Academy, they always make fun of me,” Marila shouted trying to wiggle out of her father’s grasp. “They can fly and they tell me that I cannot fly because my mother is an underground Fairy and not a Fairy of the Skies!” Marila yelled and she was panting as she got the sentence out. Having screamed that, Marila pushed herself away from her father and in a fit of anger haphazardly pushed the Potion Bowl on which her father was working. The Bowl fell down with a loud crashed as the pink bubble liquid from inside the Bowl was spreading all over the room.
Marila watched the broken bowl with vicious anger as she studied her father’s face.
And for the first time since she had barged inside her father’s room, Marila frowned. Because instead of anger, her father was looking at her even more calmly.
That suddenly maddened Marila so much that in anger she pushed her father’s table.
It seemed almost in slow motion as the table tipped over and crashed and fell again with a loud thud. Every single beaker, potion jar and vial bottle kept on the table crashed. It almost looked like the whole of Kragon’s Leaf house shook as Marila was still panting and looked to rip everything else in Kragon’s room.
The fallen table surprised Kragon...slightly. But then he saw Marila who was furious and said nothing.
A few helper elves of the house came running and were looking horrified at the scene in the usually quiet Kragon’s study. Kragon shook his head at the elves who had come inside the room and nodded to them to get out of the room. Hesitatingly, the elves left the room still looking shocked.
The house which Kragon had built in the Leaf Kingdom was built to keep out anything. After all, Kragon was the Keeper of the Secrets of the Leaf Kingdom and he was the most susceptible to attacks. But still having a teenage Magi-Fairy throw tantrums inside the house seemed almost a little too much for the house.
Marila was angrily rampaging inside the room and looked like she was going to step on the pink liquid – it was the potion which could control the weather of the leaf Kingdom and Kragon was worried that Marila was going to hurt herself. Which was why, Kragon used his powers and shielded Marila making sure that Marila could not step out of the shield.
Marila was not expecting it, as she hit herself on Kragon’s shield and cursed fluently and shouted even more viciously as she saw her father had imprisoned her.
Looking even more angry, Marila let her anger get the better of her as she was looking to burn her shield – no mean feat considering that her father was one of the most powerful Magi of the land.
Marila nearly succeeded as Kragon removed her shield, suddenly.
Kragon still did not even look like he was angry. Not even remotely, as he spoke, “Marila, you can break all the things here and then when you are calm enough, you can listen to what I have to say,” Kragon said as he studied Marila.
And it just made Marila more furious. Marila tore the leaf curtain from her father’s study still screaming as the evening sunlight suddenly streamed inside the room.
Marila was panting as she fell back and was sitting haphazardly on the overturned table. Without any warning, she suddenly started crying inconsolably.
Ignoring the fact that the entire room was an impossible mess and looked like it was going to blow up any time, Kragon slowly walked towards his daughter and sat near her on the overturned table, not saying anything.
Immediately Marila hugged her father as she trembling and crying even more.
I am sorry...” Marila was stuttering. “I..I..broke...I w..w..was angry,” Marila broke out in fresh sobs not able to say anything else.
Kragon was still silent. Strangely, he could almost appreciate his daughter’s rage. It brought back memories of another boy in another time, the only difference being that the boy had no one who listened to him cry...And his daughter’s apology overwhelmed Kragon. That showed that the kid was not completely consumed by her rage. She was willing to listen. That was more than he expected.
Your mom was to be chosen as the next Council Member of the Underground Fairies,” Kragon said as he was stroking her hair, as his daughter’s sobs slowed down.
He could feel her stiffen and realized that she heard him perfectly well and he could almost imagine what she was thinking.
The Fairies of the Skies were fools – misguided fools. Because they thought that they were in any way better merely because they lived in the skies. Kragon was one of the Magis, who had been in the underground and he knew that the secrets of magic that the Wizards of the Underground had uncovered could not even be matched with what the most powerful Magi of the Skies knew.
The Underground Wizards because of their constant contact with the Earth, were far more powerful than their counterparts in the Skies or on Earth. The Underground Fairies just never openly showed what they were capable of. They did not believe in showing off because they believed in being in harmony with nature and they believed that doing things for the sake of appreciation led people to have a shallow knowledge of the things around them – knowledge collected merely for the sake of showing to others. The Underground Fairies considered such magic as incomplete and dangerous.
The Sky Fairies foolishly believed that the modesty of the Underground Fairies was because of their lack of magical talent. Kragon had tried to change that perception, but a thousand years of false history could not be rewritten – not by one Magi.
The Underground Fairies have a Council Membership?” Marila asked Kragon and her voice sounded like she had cold.
The pink bubbles around them slowly evaporated as it changed into a cold sleet and it disappeared and the room was growing cold, as Kragon nodded, “We, the great Fairies of the Skies, have a monarchy even now. People are chosen and given power based on their birth. The Underground Fairies believe in giving people equal chances. In the underground, anyone could become a Council Member provided that they have talent.”
Mom was powerful?” Marila asked as her dull eyes studied her father.
The most powerful of them,” Kragon agreed. “And she gave all that up because she loved me.”
Sometimes Kragon wondered whether he had really done something wrong. Equina Thal was a Warrior Fairy who could have been the greatest of them all and she had given it all up because she loved Kragon. Was it all worth it?
Kragon studied his daughter’s green eyes and black thick hair which looked exactly like Equina and decided that it had been worth it. Every single second.
What you have done to this room proves that you have all of your mother’s talent.” Kragon said looking at his daughter.
Marila frowned as Kragon smiled without meaning to. “The Underground Fairies are not only magically the most powerful fairies, they are also physically the strongest of all of us – the Sky People, the Earth People and the Underground ones. And they are powerful because they can work out the magic principle of anything.”
Marila looked at her father confused as her father nodded. “This is made of the wood from the Restricted Region. It can be moved only with magic. You single handedly moved it with your hands,” Kragon said as he looked at Marila proudly.
Marila looked at her hands, the first lines of worry appearing in her face as Kragon smiled at Marila’s consternation.
You are a child of two worlds, Marila. And I believe with my whole heart that you have the best of both the worlds. The problem is that your friends have convinced you that you cannot do something because of your mother. But the fact is that you can do anything because of your mother,” Kragon told Marila as he waved his hands.
Marila felt the powerful magic from her father as slowly the things in the room were going back to its original shape – before it had been broken. The mess of vile liquids was remained like that as the rest of the room went back to its original condition.
Marila got up, as the table, slowly moved back to its place and she found that her anger had been replaced with another equally sharp emotion – shame. She had been ignorant and foolish. She had just tried insulting both her parents and she had not known anything about either of them. She was no better than those idiots at the Academy. The fools at the Academy made fun of her and she was stupid enough to believe it. And here....
I am sorry,” Marila whimpered as her eyes stung badly and she was slightly appalled as more tears spilled out. She just could not stop her tears and she felt another strong emotion burn through her – curiosity. She needed to know...She needed to know who this woman was, who had been responsible for her birth.
Oh, you don’t get off so easily,” Kragon told Marila looking amused.
Marila looked at him confused as he continued, “As a punishment, you clean up this room and the next room.”
The next one?” Marila murmured. She knew that it belonged to her mother. It was just that her father mostly kept it locked and she had never shown any inclination to know what was inside it. In fact Marila never wanted to set foot inside it, until now.
Kragon nodded looking at Marila as he saw that though the things were back, the vials and ingredients were lost. But that did not matter to Kragon. It never did. As his wife would say, when you really knew how to do something, you could always recreate it.
Oooh...The Grounded Fairy is back to the Academy showing her ugly face,” Brik, son of Croll started in a shrill voice, as he saw Marila come inside the Academy.
He was honestly not expecting Marila to come back so soon and he thought he saw something in her eyes. Something that he had not seen before. He wondered whether she had brought her father with her. Brik scanned the surroundings and saw nothing and continued looking at Marila, who seemed almost laughing at him.
Brik flew fast surrounded by Thrall and Contina, his friends as he landed right in front of Marila in a quick landing, almost spraying her with dirt. She used to get furiously annoyed with this before.
Impressive flying,” Marila said looking unconcerned as she was studying the papyrus in her hands.
Brik was flustered for a few seconds because Marila was not even bothered. She was too busy studying the papyrus in her hands.
Marila had been up half the night searching for her mother’s things. She had never known her mother, except what her father told her. Though her mother was not there with her, Marila always felt she knew her mother well. Her father always spoke of her mother with so much love that Marila could almost imagine how her mother must have been.
And yesterday night as she searched her mother’s things, she found her mother’s book and found that her mother had recorded all that she had understood about magic.
And Marila had started reading it. Well, past her bed time. Her father somehow had absolutely nothing to say about that. The helper elves mysteriously stayed away from her mother’s room that night.
As Marila read the book, she realized that her mother was one strong woman and Marila realized that the love that her father felt for her mother was mutual and beautiful. Which was why, her mother had even discovered the magic principle behind how the Sky Fairies flew. So that Equina could fly too, like her husband.
That was the papyrus which Marila had in her hands right now, as she walked inside her Academy.
Feel the air, let your magic free and feel all the magic around you and believe. Once you believe truly, the magic around you does not resist.
Her mother had written it so many years ago. Marila wondered what her mother had been feeling when she had written it. The morning sun was shining down as Marila saw a little fairy flying on the top of the tower of the Academy.
That was when the words in the papyrus suddenly made sense to Marila. Free yourself and feel the magic around you....
Marila laughed suddenly feeling giddy as she studied Brik.
Watch me,” Marila said as she closed the papyrus in her hands.
The air around her almost welcomed her as she closed her eyes and let herself feel it. The air...It was fresh, abuzz with magic. Magic that no one had tapped for a long time, no one had even understood it.
I want to fly, please...” She told herself as she imagined herself flying. It was beautiful feeling – the wind in her hair, the silence under her and magic around her. She could suddenly feel everything around her in a blur. It was beautiful. A world which they never knew existed. A world in complete harmony. A world at the most microcosm level. That was magic – Magic at the deepest. One which the people in the Sky had never bothered learning or even understanding.
But she was Marila – the daughter of an Underground Fairy.
Marila understood. She understood, which was why she could do whatever she wanted…as long as she believed.
Marila could feel the magic around her almost bowing to her wish as she smiled. She saw Brik look stupidly at her and then winked at him as the magic around her rushed towards her, willing to help her.
Marila flew.

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