Thursday, February 9, 2017

An Inventor, his Girlfriend and a Dishwasher

Shreya found Karan huddled on the chair, looking inexplicably sad. And even then, his hands were fiddling with the wires of the machine, which was lying in front of him.
Her experienced eyes were telling her that he was not building or repairing anything in particular. He was just looking dully at the machine in front of him not knowing what else to do. She was more than sure that given a chance he would have told the machine everything about his heartache and his morning. But to be honest, Karan looked too sad for words.
And that was when she saw the man properly for the first time in her life. Karan was a very smart man who loved life with a passion. Karan expressed his love for people in the way he knew best. He built them machines – Machines which he thought would be useful to them.
That was the minute she fell for him. Hard.
Naturally Karan did not notice her expression. But then Karan never noticed normal things. But right now, Karan did not even notice her walk inside his room. He was that glum.
Hi,” She said as he was startled.
The minute he turned, she saw an array of expressions run through his face – a genuine happiness, love and then came the memory of the morning and then his face was riddled with sadness.
I..I am sorry,” He stuttered looking unhappy. “I am sorry, I created a scene in your house before all your guests. I really thought that my machine would be the perfect dishwasher.” He said not looking up from the machine, struggling not to remember the scene at Shreya’s house in the morning.
All the vessels were spewed all over the house. That it made a horrendously bad sound disturbing the events in the hall was half the problem. The “dishwasher” was apparently not done having the final word when it managed to throw a huge pressure cooker right at the hall. And naturally the cooker had to land on the table where Shreya’s father and the other people were already looking worriedly at the kitchen.
The guests were not prepared for the pressure cooker at all and it landed with a thud and sprayed just about all its contents on all the people around the table.
Karan did not remember that scene well because he was for the first time horrified with his own machine as he was trying to get it to stop. Karan vaguely remembered the people in the hall run away claiming something about Martians attacking the earth.
I am guessing your father’s company lost the contract with those people.” Karan said in a tone which he might have used to announce the end of the world. Because just in the morning, Shreya had been furious with him which was nothing compared to the way her father was looking at Karan. Karan did not see movies much. Karan just did not have time for it. But Karan was sure that in all of the movies, there was a bad villain with evil eyes who spewed bad dialogues and generally made a mess in the life of the hero. Karan did not tell anybody, but today morning, Shreya’s father was looking suspiciously like that hero whose life had been messed up by a villain.
Karan unfortunately knew exactly well, what that particular metaphor made him.
I wouldn’t worry about it,” She said struggling not to smile as she sat beside him. “I know my father well. Something new would come up. Besides he has already gone to see some new investors now.”
I will try to behave, Shreya,” He said earnestly. “I would not make a mess like this. I won’t bring my new inventions and dump them at your home,” He said dully.
If you don’t do that then you are not the guy I am looking for,” She said shaking her head as her eyes looking amused.
I know I am not the guy you are looking for,” He said in the same dull tone. “You need someone else...” He looked tired and it was obvious that he could not finish that sentence either. “Not someone like me. Who makes weird things and makes a mess...”
It would help if you sometimes listen to people,” She said interrupting him, struggling not to laugh.
He stopped as he wondered what she had said and he had even stopped fiddling with the wires. “What did you say?” He asked her suspiciously.
Do I have your attention?” She asked him trying not to giggle. “Because I cannot repeat all this and not die from embarrassment.”
Karan frowned and Shreya was really impressed that he turned away from the machine and nodded at her.
I love you Karan. Through everything. Even if you bring down my house.” Shreya said as she spoke she really wished she could record Karan’s expression, at that time. He was honestly looking exactly like a scientist who had just discovered that the earth was flat after all. “Because you are the one who is going to repair it for me later too.” Shreya said trying to keep her face serious.
You like me?” Karan asked as his eyes were shining beautifully and there was a lovely spark in his eyes and Shreya had reached her limit of poker face. “You still like me? After the morning?” He asked again as confusion and thrill were still fighting in his face.
Looking at him, Shreya lost the battle as she broke out laughing and she laughed until there were tears in her eyes.
Are you laughing at me, Shreya?” Karan asked worriedly.
Shreya could not stop laughing, even to explain.

You, Mr. Karan Lovan are the only man I love. And I love you, because I know that now more than ever, the world needs goofy inventors,” She told him finally, still occasionally hiccuping and laughing. “To brighten up their lives and make life worth loving.”

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