Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Any Time is Coffee Time!

"This is bitter!,"Suhani said making a face as she took a sip of the coffee. Even smelling the damned liquid, she was more than sure that she would not like it. Tasting it just proved her right. Considering that she was seriously addicted to all sweets, no one in their right minds would consider that she would like coffee.

In his usual mysterious fashion, her husband Omkar merely looked at her and smiled, not saying anything.

It was in the evening she learnt the reason for her husband's smile. "Oh! He is practically addicted to coffee," Her mother-in-law said giving her a knowing smile. "I have really tried to get him off but I think this is the one thing which he just does not want to give up."

Suhani looked at the dark brown coloured, vile liquid blinking before her with anxiety.

Milk and Decoction together with sugar made coffee. OK! Was not exactly rocket science. It was in the span of the next three days that she realized exactly how many ways she could get that combination wrong to make a really bad coffee. Milk could be more, the decoction could be light, the sugar could be more, the milk could not be warm enough. Yes, even the heat of the coffee changed its taste.

The fourth day Suhani was more than depressed wondering how wrong she could get mixing three ingredients in one cup.

That morning, Suhani looked at her husband with apprehension as he entered the kitchen. There was an excitement in his eyes, which made her wonder. He obviously loved the drink and consistently for the past three days Suhani had denied him a really good coffee and he was still here on the fourth day with probably a little hope. Suhani studied his face again ....No....there was only excitement...

That was when the heaven's opened and realization dawned. Suhani knew how to make a good coffee...She just needed the right reason to make it.

Looking at her husband's face she realized that she would make the coffee right, just to make his eyes light up with excitement while he drank it.

Her hands were a blur as she mixed the ingredients and this time, the smell of the coffee was delicious....She passed the coffee to her husband smiling.

Suhani saw his eyes lit up with joy as he took his first sip which lasted down to the end of the cup....

Many years later, still nothing has convinced Suhani that coffee is a good drink and nothing has managed to tempt her to drink it, but then she makes the best coffees in the world.

At least she makes the best coffees for the people she loves. Because now she knew the best ingredient while making the coffee. Just a little amount of love. Not just the coffee, anything which comes out with that ingredient is heavenly.

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