Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bits of Paper lying on the....

"You kept this in your shelf?" I asked my mother almost numb with shock as she pulled out the old wrinkled yellow paper carefully.
And the reason for my shock was obvious. The shelf was the place, where my mom said that she kept important things – though she never told me what was inside it. She said she would tell me only when I earned my first month's salary and not a day before.
I genuinely thought until now that, she kept all the important and boring documents in the shelf – the boring documents that other adults generally kept safe.
With trembling hands, I took the almost crumpled paper with the words "Thank you" scribbled on it. The pencil writing was a childish scrawl and now almost invisible.
But I could see the words clearly. Almost as clearly as I could visualize the day I got the note.
"Where else would I keep this, darling?" My mother asked me gently as she pushed aside a strand of hair on my forehead.
"It is just..." I took a deep breath to control myself. "It is just a piece of paper, mom," I said taking a deep breath. "You don't even know what this means."
My mother laughed. "You really think I do not know who wrote that?" She asked me with her twinkling eyes.
I looked confused as my mother smiled. "At the age of ten, my daughter fought with a teacher for her friend, because my daughter believed her friend was right and that the teacher was wrong," My mother told me looking at me with a beautiful smile. "And my daughter even convinced the teacher that she was right." My mother shook her head looking at the paper.
"Mom..." I just could not say anything more than that. I was slightly horrified to find that I was feeling slightly mushy eyes. God, this was getting embarrassing....
My mother held up the paper carefully looking at me with genuine pride. "And that is what she got in return." Mom shook her head. "This paper should not be thrown out. It deserves to be framed." My mom looked at me slightly sheepishly. "I think you would have found it embarrassing. So I did the next best thing. I kept the paper safe with all the other things I found important in my life."
I honestly could not talk as I hugged my mom tightly.

"Baby," My mom told me quietly. "And I am always going to keep this. I am keeping this so that I never forget that my daughter is never afraid to do the right thing. And that, my daughter does not mind fighting against whoever it is on the other side," Mom said with pride. "And I am also keeping it, so that I can show this paper to her, in case, she ever forgets that!"

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