Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Bracelet of Fire and the Map of Time

"She was caught trespassing into the lands, Master Centaur Hiran!" The ogre Orham grunted as he dragged a handcuffed and badly bruised human teenager inside the jail cell.

Despite the fact that the human looked tiny before the other magical creatures, her eyes were smoldering with anger as she looked around.

Hiran with his seven feet height, was magnificent and looked every inch like the lord and master of the throne of Zorton – though everyone knew that Hiran had usurped the throne from the beloved King Wezer and his queen, after capturing and banishing the royal couple to the Portal of Darkness. And later, the Centaur had destroyed the entire royal clan – all except the three year old princess.

It had been rumoured that the queen had smuggled the little princess out of the castle, using her Phoenix.

But no one believed in that anymore. No one had seen any relations of the king for the past fifteen years. Besides Phoenixes were mythical beings. Not real

At least that was what everyone believed.

Looking at the blue eyes of the girl, Hiran frowned coming forward, "Who are you?"

"None of your ..." The girl never completed her sentence as something shot straight at her heart.

Hiran's hands were glowing as all the people in the cell stepped back looking horrified. The girl fell back groaning as her already bruised forehead started bleeding.

"Who are you?" Hiran repeated, his hands glowing even more.

"Kira - daughter of Wezen," The girl whimpered trying to catch her breath.

Her words were met with silence as Hiran's eyes went dangerously dark.

Orham came forward as Hiran stopped him and turned his attention to Kira.

"So you have come to know why I killed your parents?" Hiran asked her, smirking.

Kira snarled angrily, her hands trembling, as the shield around her zapped her. Kira winced as she fell down panting and was trying to catch her breath.

Carelessly, Hiran teleported himself, the girl and Orham to his own room inside the fortress.

The girl struggled against the shield and in the process got hurt even more. Hiran laughed seeing her, as his eyes grew vicious. "The shield which I have cast on you, has no counter spell. I am the only one who can open it. And the shield will sap your energy, until you are reduced to nothing. And then you will die!" Hiran told her.

Smirking, Hiran turned his attention to the wall before him. "That is the same shield that I have protected my vault with." He said waving his hands on the wall in front of him.

Kira barely looked like she could focus on anything. But even she did not miss the fact that Hiran's magic was too powerful. And Kira whimpered as she saw a vault appear before Hiran.

"And inside this vault is the Bracelet and the Map, which belonged to your family" Hiran said with a flourish giving Kira a cold smile.

Kira swore viciously and cursed the Centaur. And the shield zapped her again, as she collapsed unceremoniously.

Hiran watched Kira grinning. But Orham seemed a little shocked. "She is too weak. Your shield has already begun to affect her."

Hiran gave a theatrical sigh as he shook his head walking towards the girl.

His cruel eyes were studying the unconscious human. He knew that he could kill the girl, very painfully – just by keeping her inside his shield. That was just the sort of thing the Centaur would do and he really enjoyed doing things like that.

He came forward smiling as he removed the shield around the girl – just to see how bad she really was.

And Hiran never even knew what hit him.

Kira caught his hands and teleported them out of the place so fast that Orham who was nearby, did not even know what had happened.

But the Darkness was strong in Hiran and he was powerful because of it. In the blink of an eye Hiran recovered and broke Kira's teleportation spell.

She fell back hitting her head real hard. Groaning, she got up wincing and realized that they had just teleported outside the jail cell.

Hiran looked vicious as the white hot fire glowed in his hands again. "The only thing more faster than me is the legendary Phoenix. You really think a pathetic creature like you can kidnap me?"

He was about to fire as Kira looked around fervently. Hiran's furious eyes were telling her that she was going to die. And she was going to die, unless ....

That was when there was a sudden rumble behind them.

Hiran was shocked and the fire in his hands were snuffed out, because though he had heard that rumble just once in his life – it still terrified him.

And Hiran was in too much shock to notice Kira's smile.

"Kidnapping you was never part of my plan," Kira said cheekily winking at the Centaur. "My job was to make sure that you left that vault open."

Hiran looked back as he saw a huge bird appear just above the castle. He was horrified to see that it was a Phoenix.

Without any warning, the Phoenix broke the tower of the castle viciously. Numbly, Hiran tried to invoke a charm to stop the bird.

But the Phoenix was too quick. And Hiran could not cope up.

In a flash, the vault and the girl next to Hiran, disappeared from there ...


Kira grinned as she sat on the back of Phero - the Phoenix. The wind was rushing through her hair as she made sure that the vault was safe with Phero.

"Little one, that was dangerous," Phero rumbled.

"You always say that," Kira said disdainfully.

She looked back at the fortress which was now a tiny speck. "Hiran is going to regret that he came after our family," Kira said angrily as she was already thinking of how to use the Fire Bracelet and the Time Map.

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