Friday, May 26, 2017

A Shot in the Dark

 "Take the shot!"

The taunting tone, the madness in the eyes of the criminal facing him, was driving Reyansh nearly insane with rage.

This marked the end of the six month chase for Reyansh. This very point.

Finally, Reyansh was the one with the gun and the insufferable excuse of a human being, was standing before him – right where Reyansh wanted him.

But Reyansh was filled with fear. And strangely, the criminal was not afraid. Not in the least.

"I am standing right in front of you. Unarmed. You have me exactly where you wanted. Now take the shot. End it." The smug arrogant eyes of the criminal looked at Reyansh haughtily.

Reyansh could see the handgun in his hands slip because of the sweat. His vision was blurring and his heart was beating hard.

What the criminal said was right. Reyansh had been chasing this man for close to six months now. It had taken nearly all of Reyansh's ingenuity to flush the man out and get him in the open. And right now, the man was in front of him, but Reyansh could feel his heart thudding painfully. His hands were shaking and it looked like his will power had given away.

Through his thudding heart, Reyansh finally realized that he just could not bring himself to end it. Though he had looked forward to this very end. The demons which haunted him for the six months, the wails of the victims which had driven him nearly insane... all could be ended with one shot.

And Reyansh could not take it.

"It takes a lot to snuff out a life, Rey." The man continued with a vicious grim smile and he looked almost relaxed. "And you have been found lacking. I can see that fear in your eyes. That doubt. I have never had it. And you know that I have killed people." The man shrugged and he nearly grinned at Reyansh. "I did it because I wanted to do it. And you cannot do it, because you don't have the balls for it. That noble sense of doing the right thing – that haunts you, does it not? That is your failing."

Reyansh's hands were trembling even worse as he wondered whether he was going to drop the gun. He could hardly even catch it anymore.

Because the man's words were unfortunately hurting him far worse than anything else that the man had done till now. And with all this, the man was not yet done tormenting Reyansh.

"You are afraid that if you pull the trigger, you will become like me...."

"SHUT UP!" Reyansh screamed. "I will never become like you."

"That is exactly what you keep telling yourself." The man shrugged as his eyes glittered with wild amusement. "But you know, don't you? You know that you have that darkness inside you. Unleash it with my death, Rey. Just pull the trigger."

My death.

Those were the words which echoed in Reyansh's head, as his hands trembled worse. Because the echoing words brought another powerful memory – another death.

"If you want my death to mean something, do something with your life. Something that will make people look at you with pride. Something that will make people look up to you."

Those were the last words of his father.

His father, whom Reyansh had dotted on – The man who had taught him everything.

My death.




The pain in his head increased almost fourfold as Reyansh fired even without meaning to.

With a glazed look, he watched the slightly shocked face of the criminal before him.

Because the bullet missed the criminal.

The criminal smiled at Reyansh and he thought that he had won the battle of wits with the poor cop. The criminal was so sure he could now disarm the cop and escape.

"I want you to live."

Reyansh said and he said it in a surprisingly strong tone. He found strength in what his father had told him and he could feel the madness and doubt in his mind dissolve. As if it never existed.

"I want you to see all the lives that you wanted to destroy live happy lives and I want you to waste away in prison with that thought." Reyansh told the criminal.

"KILL ME!" The criminal screamed at Reyansh. "If you let me live, I will come back and haunt you. And then I will destroy everyone you care about and then I will kill you."

Reyansh put his gun down and walked towards the criminal turning him around.

"You will try." Reyansh said and he felt bold enough to smile. It was a calm smile – and it showed a man in control of himself.

"But I don't think you will succeed. You just lost. And you will always lose." The cop eyed the criminal waiting for him to make any sudden moves.

But this time, Reyansh knew that he was ready for it. Because he had made his choice and he was willing to follow it through to the end. No matter what the end.

"You don't scare me anymore. And I know that I am not like you." Reyansh said as he cuffed the screaming criminal.

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