Friday, June 16, 2017

An Encounter

The gun shot ended it all. The two week running around – keeping the man under observation, collecting the proof against the man... All of it. A gun shot ended it all. 
As Arlan studied the man, he realized that the man could not be imprisoned. The asshole was too well connected. He was going to be out of prison faster than the time it had taken for Arlan to throw him in.
But these decisions no longer bothered Inspector Arlan Karnik.
Though this time the kill was not his.
Arlan peered through the terrace of the building and saw the fallen body of the gangster and a shocked crowd of horrified spectators. He was very impressed with the shot. At the distance of thirty feet from the terrace of the building, the shot had been near perfect. It was a shot to the heart and had left zero room for error. Death had practically been instantaneous. 
Though Arlan genuinely believed that death was too good for the bastard. It was quick and efficient - not something that the guy even remotely deserved. But then Arlan was old in this game. In this life of checks and balances, Arlan knew that people could not win it all. At least the man was dead. He could hurt no one else.
Arlan passed a practiced eye over the spectators and even in the faint light of the evening sun, he could see that they were not in immediate danger. None of the spectators looked smart enough to know the location of the shooter using the trajectory of the shot. Hell, none of the people were even smart enough to keep away from the location where there was a shooting,
Arlan turned his attention to his colleague as she was putting away her gun in the holster.
"I am fine." Kira Vardhan said in a high pitched shrill voice, which told Arlan that whatever else, Kira was not fine. Her hands were slightly trembling as she caught it in a tight fist, which further buttressed his opinion of the situation.
But truth be told, Arlan would have been badly shocked if things had been really fine.
"I still have nightmares about my first encounter." Arlan said in a light tone. He said it in a light tone but his eyes were anything but light. It was almost blazing.
"S..Sir?" Kira asked swallowing painfully.
"The guy I first killed was a rapist, a killer and an extortionist." Arlan said in the same tone. "Despite that, even now I have nightmares when I think that I was the one who killed him."
"Aren't we doing it wrong, sir?" Kira asked and her voice was shaking badly. "That man should be in a court of law. That is what was taught to us." She was panting by the end of the sentence.
"And what do you think would happen after that?" Arlan asked in a mirthless voice.
Kira looked at Arlan as he continued. "We spend all our time and resources in finding him, finding proof against him and put him in prison and after that what will happen?"
Kira looked away.
"Prisons cannot hold men like that." Arlan said thumbing out of the window. "It would just be a joke. Thats all."
"It feels wrong." She said in hoarse voice.
"I am really glad you think that way," Arlan said with a tight smile. "That means that you can steal know what is right and wrong and decide appropriately. And with all that your hand did not falter when you took the shot."
"I..." Kira gave up. She could not articulate herself. Not anymore.
"Don't think of it that right or wrong." Arlan said heavily. He was glad for this talk. He was on the receiving end of this conversation and that conversation had made him what he was, right now. "That asshole is a gangster. He killed another man in cold blood because the man refused to sell him his property. We have proof of it." Arlan said nodding. "We have even looked further and have known that this was not the first time the man has done this. Don't you think this thug's victim needs someone to avenge his death?" Arlan swallowed painfully. "The victim had a family – people who loved and doted on him. And now they have no one."
Kira studied her trembling hands and looked like she just could not say anything.
"We don't kill for right or wrong. We don't kill for ideals. We just kill so that better people live. That is all."

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