Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Guardian Angel

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You have saved my life and now I want to save yours.” The little child whom he had seen was gone and in her place was now a grown up woman – not grown up. But the eyes were mature.
I smiled sadly as I saw her brown eyes. I could see the weak horizon being reflected in those eyes and knew that she knew. She knew that her words were futile.
I can save you.” She repeated and this time she tried to look with conviction.
The portals between the world have opened, little one. The darkness that we have created, it makes the Shadows powerful. Very powerful. All humans would fall to the darkness. They promised to come for me today.” I smile mirthlessly. “I cannot fight the darkness.”
I can.” She told me quietly.
I stared at her blankly as she nodded. “You were the only person who trusted me when I was a kid. All the children shunned me.” She said with vicious angry as she slowly nodded to herself saying nothing more.
What does that have to do with anything?” I asked as I looked down the broken down building to the almost deserted road. I have told her that I do not care.... but it was obvious that it is not true. I had escaped from my home and I was hiding away in the furthest sides of the forests.... all for what? The Shadows would find me. She did.
It does because I now know why I was shunned, during my younger days.” She told me and that was when her hands started trembling.
I frowned as I looked at her.
I have the blood of the Shadows in me.” She said simply.
Suddenly the room went cold. Or probably, it was just me.
Are you afraid of me?” She asked me in a cold calm voice.
But....” I was afraid of her. Because I suddenly knew that she was not lying at all. She knew. She just knew what she was saying. But how could she know? More importantly what did she do about it?
She smiled kindly at me and I felt ashamed. I knew that she had sensed my indecision. All her life – others doubted her. But me....? I had never done it. She was my friend and I never wavered. No matter what the others said... But that was changing.
During the last attack of the Shadows in the city, I managed to capture one of the creatures.” She told me slowly. Catch a Shadow? I was numb wondering how she had even done that.
All Shadows share a memories. Individual Shadows can access the memory of the others – that is how they grow as a species. They even have the means of accessing the memories of their dead. That knowledge is what makes the Shadows powerful.”
How did you catch a Shadow?” I asked trying not to panic. She was changing right in front of my eyes and it was scary. “Those things are smoky and have no body...”
Some people can.” She told me quietly. “Our blood makes it impossible for the Shadows to escape us. They cannot change into the smoky form when before us.”
What did you learn from the Shadow?” I asked swallowing painfully.
That I have the blood of the Shadows run through me. That is the reason, the Shadows are trying to kill me. The Shadows opened the portal on their side just to find people like me. People who can stop the Shadows....”
People who can stop the Shadows...
I stopped cold. The Resistance. She needed to get to the Resistance. Probably, she can help them. She was supposed to help all of them. Not waste her life trying to save a pathetic life like mine. But then probably she was lying. Probably, it was all just a ploy....
She said nothing because she could sense my indecision.
But then looking at her steely brown eyes, I suddenly believed her. She genuinely wanted to help. No matter what her past or what was evil lurked in her blood – she was my friend. And nothing could change it.
Naturally, things went bad... Because it was dark outside. Very dark. The temperature dropped and the wind picked up.... which meant the obvious. The Shadows were here. They were here for their kill.
Get away!” I shouted pushing her back. Her skin was cold, but I ignored it. “Save yourself, while you can... Go to the Resistance. Probably they can...”
She laughed. She chuckled as she looked at me and her brown eyes turned dangerous. She was looking at the swirling wind which was growing stronger and back at me. “I don’t have to save the Resistance or any of those other pathetic excuse of a human being. I want to save you.” She looked at the wind and nodded. “As I told you, you saved my life and I want to save yours.” Her brown eyes looked at me and there was an inscrutable expression on her face. “Escape from here, my friend and tell those humans to find people like me. People who can fight the Shadows and...” Her brown eyes looked vicious as she studied me. “And tell them to be nice.”
NO WAIT!” I panicked trying to stop her. But she jumped out of the window and she landed right next to the wind.
For the first time, I tried getting down, but it was of no use. The Shadows had surrounded her. But she was not scared. I could hardly even see her beneath the the smoky things surrounding her, but she was not scared. And she did not back down either. Not even once.
RUN!” She told me once.
I wanted to shake my head. But I could not. I wanted to help her. I wanted to help my friend...
SAVE YOURSELF!” She shouted once more and after that the shrieking of the winds around her increased so much that I could see nothing.
I ran. I ran and I was determined to come back with the others and save my friend. She was alive. I was going to find others like her...
I was going to save her. I never knew that I was sobbing as I ran

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