Friday, September 29, 2017

The Start of a Love Story

Photo taken from under CC0 licence

Damn Murphy's law. Vanya Rathod nearly growled to herself as she heard the burst of her car tire.
To be honest, she had been expecting it. The stretch of road that she had just crossed at the Tarek-Nalpur highway had been terrible. The potholes in the road had bumped and shaken the car real bad and Vanya was trying her best to avoid the sharp stones.
But evidently, her efforts were not enough.
The car had started wobbling immediately after the stretch and Vanya had decreased the speed of the car exponentially.
But the inevitable happened.
Vanya sighed as she shut down the air-conditioner and rolled down the window of her sleek and pricey car.
The hot afternoon air at the outskirts of the city of Tarek was sweltering, probably hinting of rains in the evening.
But then Vanya took in a deep breath and ignored all that. She was tired because she had been driving from the morning and all she wanted to do was reach Nalpur.
But that was not to happen right now.
She pressed the button for opening the trunk of her car.
Murphy's law apparently did not extent to tired girls driving from the morning. At least her car did not extend her the courtesy and Vanya's car just burst the tyre tube at the highway.
Ignoring everything, Vanya just opened the car and looked at the four tires of the car and stopped at the front right wheel.
The wheel was in bad shape.
Vanya nearly gasped as she carefully pulled out a huge and sharp pebble from the tube of the tire. This tire had literally run its last mile.
Sighing she went to the trunk and pulled out the jack from there.
She was trying to place the jack under the car, when the first drop of water poured down her shoulder.
At first she did not believe it. It was sweltering hot...there was no way that it was a rain drop.
Vanya did not even complete the thought when the rain abandoned all pretexts and the next drop came in a little faster. The sun was there....But then so was the rain.
"Traitor!" Vanya called the sky and looked at it angrily like as if she expected Nature to talk back to Vanya and justify Her actions.
Vanya hurriedly pulled out the jack from the car.
But then Nature was just not in a mood – she just started lashing out her rain, irrespective of the sun.
Sighing Vanya gave up. She was about to get inside the vehicle and looked unhappily at her dying cell phone which was when she heard it.
She was so glad as she heard the other car on the road.
The best part was the car seemed to slow down as it came near her.
Vanya was feeling happy as the vehicle stopped a few inches before her.
Aadav hated the rain.
The bullet wound in his knee always hurt him as he saw the rain.
Because that was what the rain reminded him of.
Aadav could remember with crystal clear clarity of the events three years back.
It had been pouring as he was sitting crouched inside the cold cave waiting for his back up to arrive and none of his soldiers were with him. Aadav and his team had been ambushed suddenly and Aadav had stopped back making sure his people could get away from the place. Just as the last jawan had left the place, Aadav had been shot in the calf of his knee. He had ordered his jawan away. He was just slowing them down. Aadav had patched his own wound. And he had even survived the next three hours as he was trying to keep a watchful eye on the enemy, making sure that they did not stop his people. He had survived as his people had taken him back to base camp.
But that had been the last mission for Aadav. Aadav knew that he could no longer work – not with that leg.
This was what he had wanted – to join the army. He had done it too.
Only for it to brutally come to an end. A rainy day and a single bullet wound had stopped his career in the army.
But then Aadav had not been one to let his past mess up with his future. He was just not built that way.
He had accepted the fact that the civilian life was what he had and had started his own company. He provided security details for events and security proofing for companies – look into the employees whom the company was going to give an offer letter to.... And frankly Aadav was good at his job. In two years, his company had become one of the preferred one in the city of Tarek and Aadav should have been satisfied with the way his life had turned out.
But then during the rain, his bullet wound still hurt.
He was trying not to think all this as he was driving across to the city of Nalpur to attend a seminar on the latest techniques in improvements in security details, which was when Aadav saw a strange sight on the highway.
The girl was beautiful. She was tall and was slightly slender – not like the pencil thin models, but a little more on the healthier side. Those things did not catch his attention.
The girl's car burst and she was studying it calmly. From the truck of the car she had pulled out the jack and was working on the car. That was something that Aadav had not seen for a long time. It was obvious that the girl was good with her hands as she was pulling the jack with practised ease.
Which was when the rains poured in.
It was her eyes which surprised him. They were a mad colour of brown and she looked very annoyed at the rain. Somehow to Aadav, the rain and her anger blended perfectly. Almost as if they were the same.
He stopped the vehicle more from reflex than any other reason, and up close, he found her brown eyes almost forceful.
"Do you need a lift, ma'am?" He asked her slowly.
Of course, he could have started the conversation with the stupid "What seems to be the problem here?" And then the conversation would have gone as the girl would have possibly explained that her tyre was punctured or something stupidly obvious. But somehow Aadav was just not in a mood.
But the girl still surprised Aadav.
"Ma'am?" She looked horrified at herself and then she looked at Aadav. "Do I look like a ma'am to you?"
Aadav sighed. She was getting wet in the rain, with a broken down vehicle and still she was bothered about this. Aadav finally realized something that he should have known a long time ago – the world was really not a place for being a nice guy or even a polite one. He was in half a mood to drive away. But then the girl surprised him some more.
"Anyway, it really does not matter." She continued as she was looking annoyed. "I have to reach Nalpur by tomorrow and I can't repair my car tyre puncture in this rain. My cell phone is almost running out of battery and I cannot call anyone. So yes. I need a lift." She spoke fast as one word almost slipped on top of the other. She still did not wait for Aadav to say anything else, as she walked up to the front of her car.
Her faded jeans and her white shirt accentuated her slender figure as she pulled out a jacket from the front of her car.
She locked her car and got inside the front of his car.
"Hi! I am Vanya Rathod." She told him with a bright smile as she was dripping slightly in the rain. "Who are you?"

"Someone who does not talk so much." Aadav muttered in a small voice as he started the vehicle, wondering exactly what he was entering into....

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