Thursday, October 19, 2017

I won't break....

Photo taken from under CC0 licence

It was a mistake.

"So how is the scaredy cat?" A guy behind, pushed me as I stumbled.

I wished they would understand. It was a mistake... I had panicked and reacted stupidly and the whole damned thing was caught on live TV.

I thought my classmates would understand. But they did not even care. They were even more cruel than the people making those comments online....

I should have got used to it by now, because this had been going on for sometime now. But no, their words always hurt me. And they just did not care that I made a mistake and wanted to make it right. Somehow.

I tried to push past the jerk. But he came forward sneering at me, knowing that there is nothing I would do.


I could not believe it. Shiny was before me – short, braces-wearing and awkward..... But it was Shiny and she pushed the guy back.

The jerk snarled and then laughed as he pushed Shiny back. "What are you going to do, Shorty?"

"Do you know everyone would say when they know what happened last week." Shiny said in a cold voice. She spoke softly, but everyone heard her.

I had no idea what Shiny was talking about. Apparently neither did anyone else in the class. 

But the jerk paled. 

He looked around the others for help. But no one came to help him – they were just curious about what Shiny had said about him. He suddenly looked flustered and tried to look down at Shiny.

But Shiny did not back down. "Walk away." Though she said it softly, her words were so loud that everyone heard it.

I could not believe it. But the class dispersed slowly.

Shiny did not move. She stood before me not saying anything and she was glaring.

Then Shiny turned to look at me. "Ignore them." Shiny made me sit on the desk behind me. And I was still shaking. "Just learn to fight them. Bullies are terrified idiots. They are even more terrified that others would know about their fears. That is why they bully others. I have no idea what that jerk did last week, but then bullies always have something which terrifies them." She nodded. "Never let their words get to you and never show that you are afraid."

I did not know what to say when two classmates came inside. They saw me and one of the girls sneered at me.

I knew that look and suddenly it did not bother me. Shiny clutched my hands and nodded at me. 

"Hi!" I told the newcomer giving her a false bright smile. 

I was thrilled as the girl looked shocked at my smile. A simple 'hi' changed me. I had stood up. I was not scared anymore.

I finally had my video removed from the net. I still get scared when I think about it. But I am working on it. I will overcome it. I will.

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