Tuesday, November 7, 2017


 "I hope you burn in hell, DCP!"

Deputy Commissioner of Police Reyansh Meran woke up with a start and an involuntary groan was torn from his lips as a killer headache assaulted him. The gag in his mouth was just making him nauseous and was interfering with his breathing. He could barely focus on the masked man in front of him as he realized that his forehead was worse than burning. A few seconds of blinking later Reyansh dug up the last memory of his day and he realized that he had seen a huge iron club swing at his head... then oblivion.

He struggled with his hands and realized the obvious. He was cuffed to the chair. From what best his blurred vision would let him see this place seemed like a huge warehouse.

The others....

Reyansh brutally crushed all thought process about the others. There was nothing he could do for them. He had to get himself out of this mess first.

He felt movement around him and by a reflex pushed himself back. But he was too late to do anything as a vicious slap caught him on his face. Reyansh was sure he had broken his teeth as he could feel something salty in his mouth.

"You nearly destroyed my plans, you bastard."

This time Reyansh was met with another slap on his other cheek. Reyansh fell back and nearly fell off the chair that he was cuffed to. But he felt himself being pushed back up. The guy who had slapped him pulled him up angrily by the collar. "I have been waiting to see you like this – alone and helpless. And with no backup."

This time the slap hurt him so bad that Reyansh nearly fell unconscious.


Reyansh groggily heard another voice. He could not identify any of these voices. But that was hardly surprising. Both were wearing voice scramblers.

The other speaker pulled out something from a bag nearby.

"I told you to drop the case. You wouldn't listen. And now..." Reyansh stared with blurry eyes and saw the huge briefcase like thing.

As Reyansh saw the bag, if he could, he would have actually been terrified.

Just that he did not have the energy for it.

"This is one case which will be unsolved. You do not know who is behind the whole crime and you are going to die before you solve it."

All Reyansh saw was the blinking numbers from the box as the person kept it right before Reyansh.

Five minutes. He had five minutes to live. The RDX connected to the timer told Reyansh that the bomb could not only take him out but also the entire warehouse that he was in.

"In five minutes, you shall be dead with all the evidence and I shall be off your accursed city."

This dialogue was punctuated with a punch.

Reyansh was completely winded out as the punch opened up another scar in his stomach... a recent one.

"Let's move." The masked man on the right told his colleague. "We have work and the DCP needs to die."

Reyansh could do nothing as he saw the two people walk towards the door of the warehouse. The person on the right waved a gloved hand at him as the door closed in a thud.

Reyansh's hands were burning and his eyes were hurting him and he could barely focus on anything. But then he was not even thinking about anything else right now.

His belt...he had to reach the tiny screwdriver that he hid in the inner side of his belt. Living the kind of life that he lived there were some things that he was prepared for.

He glanced at the clock and saw that the minute digit was rapidly dwindling down as he saw that he had just four minutes left. He knew that the people had left the timer just for him to see... Really not nice people.

Slowly, as best as his trembling hands would allow he pulled out the screw driver and with his hands in his back he was searching for the screw of the cuff.

The minute digit kept dwindling down, but Reyansh ignored it. If he panicked, then he was dead. And Reyansh was not a man who panicked easily. Living the life he led, that was a necessity too.

Reyansh pinched his hands plenty of times with the screw driver and had to work at not wincing as he slowly found the right groove and started loosening it.

The timer read two minutes when Reyansh heard the click. His hand came off and Reyansh did not even have time to rejoice as he ran towards the bomb. It was crudely made and Reyansh remembered from another life time that he had learnt about bomb disposal. He just did not have the tools to do anything right now.

Abandoning the bomb, he ran towards the door.

Bastards. The door was shut. No windows.

And he had less than two minutes. To get as far away from this place as possible. Reyansh knew that the explosion itself was fatal. But being in the explosion radius was worse...

A quick inventory of all this things brought up a possible escape option - his credit card.

Reyansh pulled out the credit card from his wallet and slipped the card in the gap between the door and the frame, right at the place where the knob met the frame. He took a deep breath and giving it all, he brutally twisted the car left... away from the door knob.

The effort destroyed his card, but the click from the door which he heard was the most welcome sound that he had heard for a long time.

Gasping, he caught the door knob before it could close again.

He did not even have time to calm himself as he pushed himself out.

He was about fifty meters away, when the building behind him blew itself out of existence...

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