Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Under the Dome

The child before him was absurdly young.
At 253, the older man was the… Cold One, with an immense power and capacity to even burn through the shield of Alternia and this child here….
The child had his shield on, but that was immaterial and the boy probably knew it. The Cold One could just crush it and the boy inside the shield and not even spend a marginal amount of his magic reserves.
But still at sixteen, with his stubborn dark eyes, the boy was not what the Cold One had expected. Because he had come here. Knowing full well that he was not going to make it out of this alive.
And that surprised the Cold One.
Until now, all the beings that he had seen in any realm had one thing in common. The will to survive. That was a powerful motivator and something that the Cold One had always been able to use. To his own advantage.
Why do you wish to fight me?” He asked and even the Cold One himself was surprised with his words. He had hardly spoken to another being for a long time. Other than the fear in the eyes of the people, the Cold One had not been interested in anything anymore.
Someone has to.”
It was a strange answer. By any stretch of imagination. And the answer increased the interest of the Cold One. Besides the boy had the voice of an adult. Strong and confident.
Which told the Cold One, one more thing.
Ah.” He said shaking his head as he rolled his hands creating a flame in his hands to see the features of the boy better. “Seen a loved one die, haven’t you?”
The boy’s shield faltered. Badly. He tried not to show it, but he was shaken.
And there it was.
The hatred in the boy’s eyes.
That the Cold One could understand. Well.
She is dead.” He whispered coldly looking hurt. “She did not have a drop of magic in her. But still your guards attacked her and my mother is dead in the raids conducted by you outside the Dome.” He said looking sick. “I saw her die.”
And by your foolish attempt to kill me, you think you are making it all right?” The Cold One asked in a jeering tone.
The shield of the boy was snuffed away very fast as the boy snarled and a Dispeller Attack shot out of his hands.
The Cold One was surprised. All for a sudden. But in a brutal move, the Cold One diverted all the power of the Dispeller attack and just pushed it back.
The boy gasped as his own Dispeller Attack hit him and the boy hit the wall behind him as he just tottered as he fell back.
The Cold One had been surprised because the boy’s magic was dark. But still he was using it for trying to do, what he thought was good.
Do you want to die in my dungeons or in my hands?” The Cold One asked sighing. The boy’s magic was good and he had a powerful shield. But other than that, the rest of the boy’s magic was pathetic. So pathetic, that the Cold One felt ashamed that he had wasted his time, even talking to the boy.
Which was why, the Cold One was slightly angry as he waved his hands again.
The boy groaned as he found black smoky handcuffs in his wrists – the neutralizers.
That is going to kill you slowly and very painfully. So dungeons it is.” The Cold One completely ignored the boy as he walked towards the window of his huge palace… there was a part of him which realized that it was probable that the boy had some magic item in his possession, to power him. Because to break into his palace without the knowledge of the guards was not a mean feat. And the boy’s magic was mediocre.
But then the first thing which the Cold One saw outside the window was the Dome. Nothing could break it. And that was where the Cold One had his most important magic stored.
The boy fell as he was trying not to whimper as the Cold One ignored him which was when he heard the clatter of metal against his rich marble floor.
The Cold One turned which was when he saw the boy reach out for the medallion on the floor which had presumably fallen off his cloak.
Where did you get that?” The Cold One asked frowning. The thing should have been inside the Dome. Which also explained how the boy was able to get inside the palace.
It is my mothers’.” The boy trying to lunge for it as the Cold One pushed the boy back and then increased the power flowing through the Neutralizers.
The boy grunted falling ahead and thumped his hands against the floor, trying to stop screaming as the Cold One looked at him. “So you are Marila’s son?” He asked the boy and now the Cold One knew from where the boy had his green eyes.
You know my mother?” The boy gasped as his hands were hurting him worse.
Yes.” The Cold One laughed. “You see this path was meant for both of us. She was gifted and she was to be my Apprentice. But then she had foolish notions of right and wrong. And she even refused to use her dark magic after parting ways with me.” The Cold One nodded. “Which explains why she was lying outside the Dome and dead…”
I AM GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU BASTARD!” The boy screamed as in his rage, he even forgot the pain in his hands.
No. You can’t.” The Cold One said shaking his head as he put the medallion inside his cloak. “And for your own sake, I hope I succeed. Why do you think I am doing all this?”
That was when the boy blinked. What….
I was filled with white magic. But I was cursed. After that, I was filled with Dark Magic just like your mother. Which was why I was shunned. I grew up in these very streets, begging for food. I saw the powerful White Light Magis and how they exploited people like me. I just wanted to show them what I could do, when someone with magic as dark as mine decides to start playing.”
The boy stopped twitching as he was nearly shaking with anger. “You lie. My mother has never used magic. This was the only magical item she possessed and she gave it to me, on her death.”
The Cold One was appalled. Because the boy did not understand simple logic. “Why would I lie to you?” The Cold One demanded.
The boy staggered as the Cold One sighed.
Which was when the boy ignored the handcuffs and pulled himself up and studied the Cold One.
Do you know that my mother always told me that my shield was very strong?” The boy asked the Cold One in a quiet voice. “She kept me hidden from your Guards, but she trained me. I realized then that my mother knew about magic.” He told the Cold One with a small smile.
Why did you come here, boy?” The Cold One asked as there was a slight doubt in his eyes.
The boy completely ignored his handcuffs as he stood up. He was swaying, but he stood up. “To show you, my shield.”
That was when something shot of the boy’s hands – and it connected with the medallion which the Cold One had put inside his cloak.
The boy transfixed the Cold One, and the formed a powerful shield around both of them.
The Cold One was in shock for the whole of a minute as tried to move his hands but he could not do anything. And the shield around him grew stronger.
I am weak.” The boy said unhappily as he was struggling to take another breath to stay awake. “And my own magic is dwindling. But I am being powered by the medallion in your hands.” The boy nodded at the Cold One. “I knew you would take it. She told me who you were.”
LET GO!” The Cold One shouted as he tried to overcome the shield around him. But he couldn’t because the medallion was powering the boy and the medallion was with him and he could not reach it.
It does not matter whether your magic is dark or light, Merkil. What matters is what you do with it.” The boy looked around as the shield formed around them. “I am going to do something good with my magic.”
Merkil paled. The boy knew his name. His real name. Marila had told the boy a lot.
You… you will not survive this.” He stammered.
The boy smiled coldly at Merkil. “I don’t intend to. Not after what you did to her….”

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