Thursday, May 3, 2018

One Fine Day

I will be there for you. No matter what.
He had told her that.
And she had believed him.
But now...
The innocent cheque was fluttering in his hands and he could see anger in her dark eyes.
He opened his mouth to give her some explanation – something.... The explanations which flowed so glibly when he was lying to everyone else, just dried up as he looked into her black eyes. He could not lie to her. She would know immediately.
"It was never real for you, was it?"
The hurt in her eyes were what killed him. Her words hurt too. But then she had never been one to mince words. That was exactly what had brought them together in the first place.
"I thought..." For the first time, her voice fumbled and he saw the softness in her face. She had never allowed anyone else to see that side of her. She had trusted him enough to let him in.
But she thought that she had broken that trust.
She stared at him and he could see her heart and her mind fight for control. But as always, her mind won. He was the only exception when her heart had beaten her mind.
And he had taken that away.
But then, her innate stubbornness came through. It had always pushed her through.
Whatever emotion, he thought he had seen in those eyes were now gone.
Now, her dark eyes were just furious. Pure unadulterated rage. At him.
"I was a job for you." She told him. And he knew how much it must have hurt her to say those words. But she accepted facts. She had always accepted facts. She nodded at him. "Your work here is finished." She took a deep breath and walked towards the office table behind her.
She faltered. But it was all for a second.
Then she picked herself up as her glorious blue saree flowed behind her.
She walked up towards the seat and sat and nodded at him.
Her lips parted to reveal her famous smirk. She really did not mind it when her rivals had called her arrogant. She was arrogant... at least when it came to her business deals and she acknowledged it.
"For whom did you do it?" She asked him quietly.
But then her question was natural. She did not know the contents of the cheque in his hands. She just knew of its existence.
He said nothing as he stared at her.
An irritated look passed her features. "What is done is done. I know and there is nothing more that you can do to me. You want to keep quiet, then fine!" She shrugged. "Get out of the room." She nodded to herself. "And my life."
He nodded as he got up from the chair. He really did not think it would hurt so much. But then he had always been a master at keeping his emotions under wraps. That was why he was here in the first place.
He pulled up the bag in his hands and was about to walk out when she spoke for the last time. "Encash the cheque. You definitely earned it. From whomever it is."
He said nothing. There was nothing for him to say as he walked out. This was the maximum level of drama that she was even capable of. He knew that she would berate herself for such an unprofessional conduct later on.
Because he really meant nothing more to her.
He walked out of the office and none of the workers there were staring at him. But then, they had always managed to keep their news under wraps. To the world at large, they were colleagues – that was all.
For a brief second as he waited for the lift to come, he could not help himself as he turned.
No one came out of the office... to stop him. Or anything else. But then she was not known for those things.
He had known it.
He was out of the ten floor building and he hailed a lucky auto which was available there.
The man told the auto driver his destination. The auto driver naturally had nothing to say as he started the vehicle.
It was twenty minutes later that the man got out and he was about to pay the auto driver when he pulled out his wallet and a folded envelop slipped out from the pocket.
The auto driver handed it over and took the cash and departed.
The auto driver had not read what was written on the envelop. Because to the auto driver, it meant nothing.
But the man saw the hastily scribbled handwriting on the envelop and for a whole of a second, he stopped in the centre of the road.
I hope this amount would be useful for the medical treatment.
The man looked at the handwriting and then at the hospital before him.
He told himself that he had done the right thing and walked inside as he crushed all thoughts of her. Again.

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